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Our History

Mark Busnelli, the previous owner has been working in the construction industry since the early 80's. He built homes, garages, gazebos, fences and decks. Over the years he has realized that the products offered to coat the decks and to protect them were inferior and did not last very long. We would use products that they could buy at the nearest hardware or home improvement store's.

He would talk about finding a product that would seal the wood throughly and would stop the wood from rotting, so the search was on. In 2003, he found a sealer called APPLE SHIELD. He tested the product on several wooden decks to see if there were any flaws in the material. After several years he noticed that the wood did not crack or cup and it became very hard, petrified as claimed by the manufacture.

The next step was to find a top coat material that would beautify the wood and last a long time. In 2004, Mark came across a material top coat semi transparent stain called SIKKENS. A two-coat protection for exterior wood and formulated with a high solid alkyd resin that allows the product to penetrate deep to resists wear, providing a moisture and UV resistant coating. He found it to make the wood look natural and at the same time, help repel the water and the sun. He tested many top coat stains that you can find a your nearest hardware or home improvement store. None of those products lasted as long as SIKKENS.

In 2005 Mark launched Appleton Deck Renewal, LLC and started to change the way the industry seals and beautifies decks, gazebos, fences, garages and all other wood structures. Mark sold the company to his son Dominic in 2016, and plans to create more business every year.

Our season is from April - October, which we refurbish over 100 decks per season.